Ribe Landfall


Foundations of an Empire
Chaos has befallen us. Ragnarok is upon us.
An uncertain future and desire to feel ‘safe’ has seen the ceding of so much to centralized authority and government. Self determination has fallen by the wayside, replaced by prescribed railroads you dare not dismount.
Mounting global threats of conflict, economic uncertainty and overreaching authority characterize the global stage. A bleeding market, turmoil, abandonement and deceit.
It is in this setting Fenrir yearns for Ragnarok. He has languished for an eternity in chains for this very moment.
Long gone will be the times of developers exploiting the loyalty of their community, broken promises and upperhanded displays of self interest. So many led callously to slaughter, the consequences of misplaced faith harshly dealt whilst those in the fold are shielded from the storm.
We will set ourselves apart and honour the warriors with whom we share this voyage. An empire built on spurious claims and hubris knows no king. All are equal on a Longship’s deck and all shall share in fate’s voyage.
It is time to build something new and better. We are in desperate need of a force to rival and rally a community under the guiding principle of true decentralisation.
We leave desolate and unforgiving lands in search of new beginnings, offering all the opportunity to board. Our destination: Ribe.
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